Brewing at Home Workshop


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Are you a coffee lover or home barista? Would you like to brew your own filter coffee at home as tasty as at the coffee shops?
So join us on this workshop drawed to help you improve your coffee making skills.
It will be two to three hour class that allow you to dive deep into making coffee in the Hario V60, French Press and Moka Pot. We’ll talk about the grind size for each method, recipes, extraction variations, water x coffee ratio, specialty coffee concept and quality in coffee

We will also do a session tasting with each method to make the difference between them clear, so be ready to drink a bunch of coffee!

This workshop will help you to discover your favorite coffee method and learn how to brew it at home.

Besides that, get 10% discount on all in-store purchase (coffee bags or coffee stuff) to start practicing your coffee knowledge.

Investment: 40€
Location: Rua Luciano Cordeiro 58D – Lisbon

Date: March, 17

Time: 2pm

Language: English

Limited places

*Please, note that no show won’t take a place for refund

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